Services & Packages


  • Basic Skin Cleansing - $50

    The basic skin cleansing is a service that cleans the skin on a superficial way. Everyday we are exposed to a diversity of air impurities, and to maintain a healthy skin, we must everytime we can, perform this activity.

  • Deep Skin Cleansing - $65

    The deep skin cleansing, besides cleaning the skin, also helps in the prevention of blackheads growing, pimples, and also prevents the excess of oiliness of the skin. It is a great way to stimulates cellular renewal. We must remember that, all kinds of skins need to be cleaned with a certain frequency, and for every kind, special care must be taken.

  • Crystal Peeling - $65

    The crystal peeling is a dermabrasion, in other words, a exfoliation performed mechanically on the skin with the objective of removing expression wrinkles, treating blackheads as well as wrinkles and stretch marks. It’s not a female only treatment, men can do it too, especially if they have folliculitis. This treatment always helps to stimulate the collagen, which improves the firmness of the skin and in removing superficial stains.

  • Diamond Peeling - $65

    Known to be a physical peeling, this service uses its own equipment to promote micro-exfoliation of the skin. It is great as well to stimulate the production of collagen, to remove the dead cells located on the superficial layer of the skin and to remove wrinkles. This procedure assists also on the treatment of superficial stains. The diamond peeling can be performed in persons with any skin tonality.

  • Chemical Peeling - $95

    Chemical peeling is a procedure where the professional uses acids on the skin, with the main objective to remove damaged layers and promote layer renewal. Depending what the client wishes, the technique can be used on the face, hands and even neck, always aiming to remove acne stains, skin stains and scars.

  • Laser Nail Fungus Treatment - $75

    Despite it’s a new treatment on the beauty market, its showing great results. The treatment consists in using laser on the affected region, increasing very fast the temperature, that stays between 40 and 42 degrees, eliminating quickly the fungus. It doesn’t damage the nail and do not present any side effect. It was approved by FDA, in the USA, by Europe health organizations and it’s also available in Brazil.

  • Eyelashes Extension - $85

    This procedure consists of put synthetics strings or hair strings, one by one above the existent eyelashes. The procedure has been done for women around the globe, and became famous primarily with actresses and female media figures, like: Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian. The ideal, is to put them moderately in the beginning for the person get used to them.


  • Facials and Packages

    – The mini 20 min – Microzone target specific skins concerns. $45

    – Sensitive skin 60 min – Pamper even the most sensitive of skins with the specialty facial. $75

    – Acneic/ Oily Skin 60 min – Reveal clearer skin with this deep pore cleasing facial. This treatment uses oxygen infusion. $85

    – The elite 90 min anti-oxidant facial – Target enviromentally stressed, damage skin. $135

    – The classic facial 60 min – Help moisture level and improve skin firmness and elasticity. $69

    – The introduction 20 min relaxation massage + 20 min microzone facial. $55

    – Ladies nights out 20 min – revilatize, tired, lackluster skin. Perfect pick me up for that special night out!!! $49

    – Anti-aging facial 60 min – Target the visible signs of genetic skin aging. $115

    – Hydrating facial 60 min – Quench thirsty, dry, dehydrate skin with this specialty facial. $75

  • Back Facial Treatment

    – Soothing Treatment for dry dehydrated skin 60 min Hydrating, soothing treatment to calm the skin and mind. $85

    – Deep cleansing for breakout prone skin 60 min Cleansing detoxifying treatment to relieve congestion and breakout. $85

  • Other Packages

    – Microdermabrasion + skin cleansing $ 85

    – Skin cleansing + chemical peeling $ 105

    – Skin Cleansing + microdermabrasion + chemical peeling $ 135